25 Places to Get Free Vitamins Today

If you’re looking for free vitamins, you’re in luck. There are plenty of adult multivitamins, prenatal vitamins, and vitamins for kids that are given away for free.

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Some of these vitamins come from the government’s health agencies, others from pharmaceutical companies, non-profit organizations, and even private companies. Some of them are available throughout the country, while others are only available to residents of a certain area, city or state.

Without further ado, here are 25 resources I’ve found so far.

Free Vitamins for Adults and Your Entire Family

  • Village Drugs (Alabama) – This program is for the entire family. If you’re from Alabama, download the form and visit Village Drugs to request the Free Vitamin program. There’s Men’s/Women’s Formula, Kid’s chewable vitamins and senior multivitamins. There is absolutely no strings attached.
  • Good Neighbor Pharmacy (Multiple states) – This program is available for families near a Good Neighbor Pharmacy, since you need to fill-out this form and bring it to one of the locations. There are PreNatal Tablets (for pregnant women), Chewable Multivitamins (for kids) regular multivitamins (for adults), and mature formula multivitamins (for senior years). 
  • ProCare Health (Available for US and Canada addresses) – The free multivitamins available here are specifically-formulated for people who have had weight loss surgery.   
  • Celebrate Vitamins (Delivers nationwide) – If you’re trying out new vitamins, Celebrate’s sampler pack is a good way to find your taste in multivitamins. It includes a good mix of chewables and soft chews, shakes, tablets, and so on. Follow the instructions to get the price slashed to ZERO.
  • Smartypants Vitamins (Delivers nationwide) – The company continuously send free vitamin samples of their various formulas via their app. You can choose between a woman’s multivitamin, prenatal formula, children’s chewable, and so on.

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Free Pregnancy Vitamins

If you’re pregnant, folic acid, calcium and other vitamins are important for the development of your baby. These vitamins cost somewhere between $8 and $20 a month. If you’re short in cash, please don’t skip them – the following resources offer them up for free.

  • Power Me A2Z by the Arizona Department of Health Services (Arizona) – If you’re pregnant and from Arizona, all you need to do is take a quick quiz to get pregnancy vitamins without charge. Don’t worry, if you get a wrong answer, the site will just give you a pop-up with information explaining the correct answer. Once you’re done with the quiz, you’d need to fill up a request form with basic info and address.
  • Choices Pregnancy Care Center (Georgia) – Located in Gainesville and Flowery Branch, Georgia, this medical center gives away prenatal vitamins to soon-to-be mothers who are not covered by insurance. There is also free ultrasound to confirmed pregnant women living near any of the two Georgia-based branches.
  • Sobeys Pharmacy (Multiple states) – Visit the nearest Sobeys Pharmacy and enroll in the “Baby Be Healthy” program, so you can receive prenatal vitamins for the duration of your pregnancy. Pharmacist consultation and other perks are also free for those enrolled to this program.
  • Bump Boxes (ANY Location, delivered to your house) If you’re pregnant and can’t get out of the house, just have your prenatal vitamins delivered. Unlike all other freebies here that comes with zero strings, Bump Boxes vitamins do charge you for shipping cost ($7.99/month) when you subscribed to the program.
  • Parkview DeKalb Hospital (Indiana) – If you’re from Indiana and is looking for support for your pregnancy, this hospital and its Healthy Expectations program ensures that pregnant women and their babies are well taken care of throughout the duration of their pregnancies.
  • Martin’s Supermarkets (Indiana) – Even your favorite local supermarket (with pharmacies) could offer free vitamins. For Martin’s, you’d have to have a qualifying doctor’s prescription to be given free prenatal vitamins.
  • Meijer’s Prenatal Vitamins program (Michigan) – The Grand Rapids grocery giant Meijer has been giving away free vitamins for pregnant women since October 2006. To get yours, you need to get a prescription from a doctor for an available medicine, bring the prescription to Meijer, and receive them free regardless of insurance or co-pay.
  • Pregnancy Resource Centers of Central Oregon (Oregon) – If you are pregnant and need prenatal vitamins, you can get a six-month supply if you make an appointment, visit a doctor and meet basic requirements.
  • Village Discount Drugs (Alabama) – Go visit a doctor, ask prescription for prenatal vitamins, and then visit any of the two branches of Village Discount Drugs and they’ll give you the vitamins absolutely free of charge. No insurance plan required.
  • Vitafol Ultra (nationwide, delivered to your home) – Choose between Vitafol Ultra-FirstStep or Vitafol Gummies-FirstStep to receive a free prenatal vitamin sample kit. Just fill out the form accurately and wait for a reply.

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Free Vitamins for Kids and Toddlers

There’s an age limit to these free vitamins for kids. Usually, you only need to enroll them once and you’ll receive monthly refills until the maximum age of your enrolled kids.

  • Love Oak Pharmacy (Texas) – You need to download the enrollment form, fill out how many kids (ages 2 to 12) you have in your household. Each kid will then be supplied a bottle of Good Neighbor Pharmacy Children’s Chewables Complete Multi-Vitamins every month absolutely free of charge.
  • Summerwood Pharmacy (Texas) This pharmacy’s free children’s vitamin program is open for kids 2 to 12 years old.
  • LeFave Pharmacy (Michigan)LeFave Pharmacy provides a 30-day supply of vitamins once per month for all of your children (ages 5 to 12). You just need to fill out a form and register your kids once, then your kids’ vitamins will be automatically filled every month. Just wait for a text message notifying you that they’re ready for pick up.
  • Delta Pharmacy (South Carolina) – Drop by any of Delta Pharmacy’s 7 locations in South Carolina, register all your kids (within ages 5 to 12) and get a year’s supply of free vitamins totally cost-free. There are no limits to the number of kids you can enroll, but you do need to pick it up at the branch every month.
  • Embrace Pharmacy (North Dakota) Visit Embrace Pharmacy at Grand Forks and fill out a one-time form to enroll your kids (ages 2 to 16 years old) to receive monthly supply of free chewable multivitamins. You’ll be given a punch card per kid and you just have to visit the branch when it’s time to refill another month-worth of multivitamins.
  • Davis Islands Pharmacy (Florida) If you’re near Tampa, visit this pharmacy and enroll your kids ages 2 to 12 years old for 30-day supply of free vitamins. The children’s vitamins given away here comes from the Good Neighbor Pharmacy program, so expect the same children’s chewable multivitamins if you enroll your kids here. One-time enrolment only, the second and subsequent months will be refilled automatically – you just have to wait for a text when you can pick them up.
  • Akers Pharmacy (North Carolina) – Like other pharmacies, you only need to sign up your kids to the multivitamin program once and get a free 30-tablet supply each month thereafter.
  • Mears Pharmacy (Utah) Mears Pharmacy’s vitamin program offers each child in your family a FREE 30 day supply of Health Mart Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamins each month.
  • D&H Drugstore (Missouri) – To register for the FREE kids Vitamin Program, simply download the Kids Vitamin Form at this page, print it out and bring it to the store. No purchase or commitment necessary. Available for kids aged 4 to 12 years old. You can get all your kids signed up and just return every month for refills.
  • Klingensmith’s Drug Stores (Pennsylvania) Since 2015, this drug store is giving away free children’s vitamins to local kids ages 3 to 12, as long as their parents enroll their kids once and pick up refills to the vitamins at Ford City once an SMS is sent notifying the new batch of vitamins is ready for pickup.

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Do You Know other Health-related Freebies?

I’ve only explored the tip of the iceberg. Make sure to bookmark this post, since I’ll be updating this list regularly as I find more vitamin freebies in the future.

Do you have your list as well? Comment below! I would appreciate if you suggest some companies you’ve encountered that are known to give away vitamins.

If you’re on the other side of the fence and would like to donate your funds to provide vitamins to low-income families around the world, kindly check out VitaminAngels for information.

For other health-related free stuff, don’t miss the free supplement samples and free formula samples. And while you’re trying to restock your pantry, check if you can get free chocolate, free coffee and other free food samples by clicking their respective posts.

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